Salt and Pepper Shakers Now Vintagey Decor

October 4, 2013 | Comments

These salt and pepper shakers are among the many treasures I collected from my Nana’s basement.

My Nana used to tell me stories about how when my mom and aunt were little they’d ask my grandfather what to get her as a gift. As a joke he would always tell them to buy her salt and pepper shakers. He thought this was funny because that’s what they would do. So my Nana had quite the collection.

These two sets are my favourites. I don’t think you’d find anyone in Banff, Alberta, selling ceramic chicken shakers anymore, but hey I could be wrong! The washer and dryer set are from the 1950s and made by Westinghouse. I’ve also seen them in pink and in their original box, which said “Westinghouse Laundry Twins Go Together Like Salt and Pepper.”

When I found these sets they still had salt and pepper in them, but I now use them for decor on a shelf in my dining room. They add just a little touch of kitsch to a modern shelf.

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